Service Providers

Mahmood Hussain Law Firm (MHLF)

Mohammad Hussain

Industry: Legal Services

Contact Person: Kokila Alagh

Country: United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 4228410



Mahmood Hussain Law Firm (MHLF) has emerged as one of the leading legal services provider in the UAE. In a short span of time, MHLF’s experienced base of legal resources has developed an extensive clientele base, owning mainly to the wide repertoire of knowledge the office encompasses in varied fields. MHLF’s extensive experience in UAE laws fills a large void in UAE’s law market with its internationally trained legal consultants and national lawyers and an unmatched repertoire in litigation and corporate law.

The key success factors that set us apart from the other law firms is our commitment to accuracy, due diligence and timely follow up, ensuring consistent top-quality service to our clients. One of our niche’ is our unique blend of having Emirati lawyers with extensive International and Regional experience on board. Due to the diversity in the team, MHLF has been successful in multiple instances to suitably blend international best practices to meet the unique requirements of the region, while advising on complex business transactions including private equity deals, mergers & acquisitions, operational and legal structuring and corporate governance.

The Corporate Group

Industry: Investment, Consultancy, and Delivery

Contact Person: Azadeh Khezri

Country: United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 404 8787



The Corporate Group (TCG) is the holding company for the leading business support service-based organization in U.A.E. TCG offers wide range of solutions related to business setup and operations support for small, medium and large companies both local and international. TCG was formed in 2007 as a newly created entity from Edris Al Awadhi Group, a Dubai-based entity established in 1967.

Being blessed with extensive experience and local know-how, the UAE partners have created a unique opportunity for companies who are looking for advice and support regarding their business operations and growth.

TCG has developed an array of services and packages giving you the flexibility to choose the service that suits your needs and financial requirements. We strongly believe that you do not need to pay more in order to obtain a strong business image and credibility, what you need is to be smart in choosing the right service and support with the right business partner that your business requires. This is the reason why we, Corporate Business Services, are here for you.

Lambert co.


Industry: Consultancy

Contact Person: Ismail Tekin

Country: United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 444 9496



Your Bridge to Local Success through Expert Management Services

A Boutique Management Consultancy, with a genuine passion for Business, Hospitality & Creativity. We have been growing our diversified portfolio since 2008 and have a respected local network of leading strategic partners. We specialise in Project Management, Shared Services, Business Solutions, Company set-ups & Ongoing Business Support. Arrive and collect your keys to a fully operational business!

E Hospitality Consultants FZ LLC

Industry: Hospitality Consultancy

Contact Person: Mr. Elio Gebrayel

Country: United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 554 4472



E Hospitality Consultants provides you with a team of hospitality specialists with world-class experience in developing, launching and operating restaurants and hotels across the region. E is part of ERGA Architects and Consulting Group that helped launch over 3,000 projects and concepts in more than 20 countries and is powered by a team of 800 experts. E helps international & local brands operate market and grow in the Middle East and beyond and work with clients to provide unforgettable experiences and create favorite destinations. Our team of consultants, architects and designers provide customized solutions, from concept to completion. Through hospitality, development advisory, project management and energy services, E helps transform any type of space into an extraordinary place.



Industry: Self Service Terminals

Contact Person: Natalia Kvasnaya

Country: United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 567 362326



Company Taunigma offers a complete solution for business in the UAE on the base of the interactive computer system NT.Payments and the Advertising Platform InDoor.TV.


Our first franchise is the Interactive Computer System Taunigma-Kiosk. We offer to invest money in the equipment, which will bring a stable income for many years. The Interactive Computer System Taunigma-Kiosk (NT.Pyments brand) offers convenient way to pay for a plenty of services. Using an NT.Payments kiosk, a customer can recharge mobile of any communication provider of the world, pay for digital TV, Internet and telephony, utilities and government services. In addition, the NT.Payments kiosks are able to sell generated PIN express payments codes, parking and discount cards, etc. We are constantly expanding the range of operators available in the NT.Payments system.


Our next franchise is the Interactive Advertising and Computer System Taunigma-Display. This is an innovative advertising product in the UAE. We are working on the territory of the Emirates under the InDoor.TV trademark. We install InDoor.TV promo screens in crowded public areas, such as shops, business centers, hotels, restaurants, etc. The screen can display static images, sound videos, as well as scrolling text. Advertising on the promo screens gives new opportunities for income generation to owners of the InDoor.TV products.


Taunigma offers the unique Interactive Computer Advertising and Payment Complex Taunigma-Combo. The new product combines functions of a self-service kiosk and a digital advertising platform.

Using a Combo-kiosk, customer can easy pay for various local and international services. Built-in 42” LED display is an effective advertising space.  The system is equipped with a centralized media content controller for all the NT.Payments terminals’ network, and supports various advertising formats.

Automated payment services and digital signage are very popular in the UAE and bring stable income from reliable investments to the high-tech sector.

For more information, please, visit our website

Concord Enterprises

Industry: Franchising

Contact Person: Tareq Al Jabree

Country: India

Phone: +9140 4433 4313



Concord Enterprises is a start-up based out of Hyderabad, India. In a nutshell, Concord Enterprises is the embodiment of an ideology:

“Fact-based decisiveness underpinned by the association of integral research and transparent communication leads to successful deliverance of business goals”

Here at CE, we instill this ideology in every business decision we make. The dogma also laid the foundation to our core values and services.

We specialize in operating Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) through franchising building value to our clients and an enhanced experience to our customers. Backed by proper industry knowledge and ambitious services we endeavor to overwhelm all of our stake-holders. We are the perfect Launchpad for brands to enter this market that’s growing by leaps and bounds and also for investors to fan out their assets.

ADMC, We motivate you well…well being

Industry: Franchising / Health Care

Contact Person: Sara Benjamin

Country: The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 33 16 448



Formed by a consortium of worldwide entrepreneurs who used a unique service concept called Triple T (Trading, Training, Treatment ) to set up rehabilitation centers, Netherlands based ADMC (American African Arabian Asian Dutch Medical Center) has since expanded to embrace partners in Asia, America, and Australia. We work with a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach, supported by specialists in the fields of medicine, nursing, logistics, finance and engineering.

Biotite Holding Company

Industry: Electronic shipping & Logistics

Contact Person: Amr Mohamed Rizk

Country: KSA/UAE

Phone: +966 920003002 | +971 550273146



BIOTITE HOLDING Company Inc. Is an individual company under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the company operates in several areas such as: • General construction for buildings and maintenance including cleanliness of buildings • Improve roads with asphalt plus excavation • Water and telephone networks • Electricity and sanitation • Irrigation works • Import Electronic devices, construction materials, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, machinery, cars, trucks and spare part. • Provide after-sales services The headquarter of company located in the eastern city of Dammam with several branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh city, Al-Kharj city, and Hail city. The company also has representative offices in China " Jinzhou " and Germany " Munich." The companies prove it’s self in the market within a short time, work hard side by side with our employees as one family is the key of our success. BIOTITE COMPANY got a big share in the domestic market due to our strong commitment and focus on products quality including delivery time We seek to expand our business market both in and outside of Saudi Arabia. The company also has translation team who help to translate for Arabic,English, Chinese, German,and French, in order to deal with the clients and companies abroad. .

Kirby Water & Energy

Industry: Water Treatment & Technology

Contact Person: Ammar Ali

Country: Jordan

Phone: +962 655 21080 | +962 79 559 1139



Our vision:

Where that water is life, the vision can be summarized as follows: -

To provide the latest and best solutions in the field of water technologies, to all segments of society in homes, offices, factories, farms, the highest quality through the development and provide options in the field of purification equipment and water desalination, through experts and professionals in this area, the highest degree of reliability and excellence at the local and international level.

Provide a FRANCHISE opportunity, business development and projects in this area with the latest and best management techniques in terms of training and development and building strategic partnerships at the local and international level.

Our Mission

- Work for more than a quarter of a century in the Middle East to provide the best and latest products in the field of water purification and customer service with the latest management systems, where we started in 1988 to attract talent and investors have been building strategic partnerships through our Franchisee and we started to expand both domestically and internationally.

- We believe that it increases our chances of success whenever we have provided the opportunity for others to work and succeed. Also, our objectives and our goals are based on customer need to fill in all sectors of the distinctive products in the field of water, energy and the need for each person of pure water equipment, also to keep pace with development and care about diversity and to provide the latest and best equipment in the field.

Who are we?

Kirby Water & Energy was established in 1988 in Abu Dhabi, and then expanded to Jordan in 1998. We have plans to expand in the Middle East, and bearing in our eyes to be one of the best franchise organizations in the field of water and energy in the region and the world. The Enterprise occupied shortly after its launch a position which allowed us to be one of the first in this area, through unique products and accumulated experience in customer service.

Today, we are proud of our sponsorship of the continuity of the best products and services of international quality in the field of water equipment.

Strategic thinking and our goals:

- The provision of franchise business opportunities for ambitious talent and who want to work in this field in the region and contribute to increasing employment and reducing unemployment opportunities. - Attracting investment and investors and provide franchise opportunities in this area and to provide the latest and best technical and administrative support in this area and continuing supervision techniques to ensure the continued success of these projects. - Provide administrative and technical support and expertise accumulated agents and contributes to the development of their work. - Expansion at the local and international level to promote franchise business opportunity and attract interested in this area and develop the talent that who want to exercise and manage the business in the field of water, energy and building a global strategic partnerships to serve these goals at all levels.

Elliotts Agency

Industry: Shop Concept Design, Franchising & Consultancy

Contact Person: John Conneely

Country: UK

Phone: +44 7831 684473



Elliotts is the only full service agency dedicated to businesses operating in and supplying to the competitive hospitality and leisure sector. We work with some of the biggest and best brands.

Insights & Strategy ○ Competitor Analysis ○ Consumer Insight ○ Market Trends ○ Brand Due Diligence ○ Sentiment Analysis ○ Concept Tours ○ Director & Board Reports ○ Growth & Expansion Strategy

Offer & Brand ○ Operational Standards ○ Venue Concept Development ○ Brand Development ○ Service Design ○ Brand Asset Development ○ Menu Development

Campaign & Creative ○ Local Marketing ○ Under-performing Sites ○ Cross Platform Campaign Development & Management ○ Photography & Video ○ Digital, Social & Search ○ Launch Marketing ○ Ad Buying & Placements

PR & Communications ○ Strategy Development ○ News & Content Creation ○ Stunts ○ Launches ○ Promotions ○ Experiential ○ Ongoing Press Office ○ Profiling ○ Reviews ○ Celebrity Associations ○ Content Creation ○ Local PR ○ Community Relations ○ Charity Associations ○ Social Community Management ○ Online Reputation Management ○ Employee Engagement ○ Internal Communications

Specialties Food and Drink marketing & PR, Market Research, Marketing and PR Advice, Social Media Management, Crisis Management, Online Reputation Management, Marketing and PR Consultancy, Hospitality Marketing & PR, Leisure Marketing & PR, Tourism Marketing & PR

Mikwar & Akkad Law Firm

Industry: Legal Services

Contact Person: Sharif Akkad

Country: KSA

Phone: +966 568111333



The Law Firm of Mikwar, Akkad & Metawea (MAK) resulted from a merger between the Law Office of Nizar Abdullatif Mikwar and Sharif Fareed Akkad in 2004. Dr Qaisar Hamed Metawea was made a partner in 2008. In a country where most lawyers operate as local sole practitioners, the firm prides itself on being one of the few legal professional partnerships with international experience that provides bilingual multi-jurisdictional legal services.

Since its inception over ten years ago, MAK has been considered one of the leading law firms in KSA in commercial law, franchise, intellectual property, foreign investment matters, Islamic finance, real estate, litigation, and engineering and commercial arbitration matters, and one of the most specialised and experienced law firms in the GCC states and the Middle East for franchise, agency and licence agreements, real estate transactions and arbitration cases, and Islamic finance.

The key to the firm’s success lies in its team work, variety of experiences and size. Clients benefit from a firm small enough to allow easy access to all of its lawyers, including the partners, while being large enough to guarantee excellence and an immediate response to all enquiries. When appropriate, the firm calls upon the expertise of other professionals with whom it has an established professional relationship, such as accountants and surveyors.

Stellar Eastern

Industry: Consultancy

Contact Person: Sanjay Duggal

Country: United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 52 9022933



Stellar Eastern Food & Beverage Solutions is the result of 25 years of hands on experience and professional networking in senior management of the UAE F&B service and retail sector. This includes five star hotels, industrial catering, speciality retail, restaurants, confectionery concepts and American casual dining operations.

Our company provides exclusive value to its customers through an extensive range of services that include:

Architectural Design • Business Strategy • Capital Budgeting • Concept Development • Contract Management • Culinary Development • Due Diligence • Equipment Surveys • Executive Coaching • Feasibility Studies • Food Production Systems Design • Food Safety & Hygiene • Franchising • Human Resources • Interior Design • IT Systems • Kitchen Design • Management Recruitment & Development • Marketing & Promotions • Master Planning • Menu Development/Engineering • Operating Procedures & Systems • Operations Review & Re-Engineering • Procurement/Supply Chain • Quality Management • Revenue Generation • Space Planning • Strategic Financial Analysis Workshops and Education


Industry: Shop Concept Design, Franchising & Consultancy

Contact Person: Norman Cescut

Country: Italy

Phone: +39 05411730529



DESITA is the Italian Retail & Foodservice Consultancy Company, working at an International level, specialized in shop concept design and Franchising, established with solid foundations to support its customer towards the realization of their core business, making beautiful projects that succeed. DESITA’s mission is to create unique user experience designed with strong character and identity, following a work process that involves the client through continuous stimulation. DESITA loves to design your business, taking care of its profitability with respect of the environment thanks to ECOFFEE. DESITA offers a whole range of services for retailer & franchisors and helps Italian brands approach the Middle East market thanks to its long experience and being the creator of the Dubai Business Retail Tour.