Bright Vision Brothers

Industry: General Trading

Contact Person: Tesfalem Zerabruk

Country: United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 52 957 6142



BVB Group of company FZC located in one of, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Angola and Head office in UAE Ajman. We manage an extensive supply, sales and distribution network spanning across Africa country and BVB group of company export to over 14 countries in the region of MENA, Africa, Europe and South America. BVB group of companies FZC is well-established International Import and Export forwarder, with its head office in Ajman free zone (UAE), Eritrea and sub network through the Region: we provide the below Variety of product with excellent Customer services on time. BVB group has carrying on the business with a rich variety of products extending from quality food, beverages, Multipurpose, Soap, cooking oil, Special industry machinery, Construction material, water tank, all types of generators, Bicycle Tyres, Motorcycles tyres and stationery items to automotive achievements the group has realized in the wide business range have prepaid the ground for BVB Group to acquire a sound and reliable place in East Africa.

Wayback Burgers

Industry: Food and Beverage

Contact Person: Yasser Ibrahim

Country: KSA

Phone: +966 544616367



Wayback Burgers began in 1991 as Jake’s Hamburgers with a single restaurant in Newark, DE which still occupies its original location on Route 273. Home to the University of Delaware, Newark is also known for its automotive plants (little known fact: reggae icon Bob Marley worked in one) and Main St. shopping district. A simple, unassuming “burger joint,” Jake’s soon became several stores and home to one of the region’s favorite burgers. Jake’s Hamburgers had always served big, juicy hand-made burgers and real milkshakes, crafted to order by a friendly staff. Delivering the freshest, most delicious food possible was Jake’s only philosophy.

Fast forward 20 years: many fast-food chains are selling some version of a “premium” burger. Most of these are just larger versions of their frozen “hockey-puck” burgers, mass-produced and shucked at customers from under heat lamps. Celebrity chefs got in on the act too, selling overpriced burgers for $20 at their upper-crust burger boutiques. None of this felt right to the people at Jake’s. Burger lovers deserve better than that, and Jake’s wanted to remind people that they can still get a better burger, made just the way they like it, in a warm and comfortable restaurant that feels like home. That’s how they did it way back when, and that’s what they still do today. So, in August 2010, Jake’s Hamburgers changed their name to Jake’s Wayback Burgers. They still serve the best burgers under the bun. Every month, Wayback Burgers features a brand new “Burger of the Month” and our “Shake of the Month.” And, burgers are only the beginning: House-made potato chips, all beef hot dogs, marinated chicken sandwiches, turkey burgers, specialty sandwiches and even fresh salads are available as well. Wayback Burgers even has a brand new restaurant design to go along with our new name. Our warm red barnboard interior with white and stainless steel accents are modeled after the great American roadside burger joint (think Rt. 66, back before there was such a thing as fast food). Go ahead– put your elbows on our tables and enjoy your meal. You’ll be glad you came.