egyptCapital City: Cairo
Population (Millions): 80


GDP Per Capita: US$ 6200
GDP per Sector:
Agriculture – 13.5 %
Industry – 37.9 %
Services – 48.6%
Currency: EGP
Ex.Rates: 5.6
Big Cities (>100,000): Cairo, Alexandria
Urban Population: 43
Languages: Arabic

Background:Located at a strategic trade location, Egypt is both a major North African economic power and the cultural leader of the Arab world.

This transcontinental country is bordered by the Gaza Strip, Israel, Sudan and Libya. The country has a diverse terrain, with a long coastline across the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. A large portion of the Sahara Desert falls within the borders of Egypt. Egypt is the 30th largest country in the world.

National Franchise Association

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Egyptian Franchise Development Association
Mr. Moataz Al Alfi