algeriaCapital City: Algiers
Population (Millions): 35


GDP Per Capita: US$ 7400
GDP per Sector:
Agriculture – 8.3 %
Industry – 61.5 %
Services – 30%
Currency: DZD
Ex.Rates: 76
Big Cities (>100,000): Algiers, Oran
Urban Population: 66
Languages: Arabic

Background:Algeria is a North African nation which gained independence from French colonial rule in the year 1962. It’s the second largest country in Africa, in terms of its land area and blessed with natural resources and natural gas reserves.

The country has a mixed geography with a large portion falling in the Sahara dessert region and a long coastal line along the Mediterranean Sea in the north. Based on its 2010 estimates, the country had a population of 35 million, however 23 percent of the population lives below poverty line.

Continuous and significant improvements characterize the Algerian economy governed by the public sector; its a closed economy with strict controls on foreign and private investments.